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Hyperspace, day 30 [ ]
[ mood | tired ]

A LOT has happened recently, so I have to do some heavy backjournaling here. Where did I last leave off... Manaan? Sure, back on Manaan, the one time Carth didn't think he was smooth by trying to defend my honor... What ended up happening was this:

We snuck our way into the Sith base and by "snuck," I mean "take passcards, decrypt them, use them to walk through security, have security inside freak out and open fire on us." This time, there were no insane droids or Sith governors to kill, so we grabbed the thing, that capsule dojobby and bolted. Of course, IT WOULDN'T be that easy. Those neutral pansies, the Selkath, came rushing after be and arrested me and put me on trial! I don't even want to go into how horrible my arbiter was... Needless to say, I talked my way out of it and returned to the Republic embassy with their precious data module.

Finally, we had access to the underground "ultra secret" lab that they've been using to mine Kolto... sneaky bastards. It was like a freaking horror story down there. All the Selkath had gone insane and tried to bite our fingers off. All in all, none of this really matters. To sum it up, I walked around in a heavy ass suit at the bottom of the ocean, which took FOREVER, killed a bunch of sharks (alone, mind you... the rest of my party are a bunch of babies), blew up some machinery and found the Star Map. Hooray! Everyone is happy! Except for all those Selkath I slaughtered...

Upon returning to the surface, I was arrested YET AGAIN by the Selkath authorites and put on trial... AGAIN. They seemed happy enough to hear that their giant firaxan shark was more than a myth. This big bugger was the reason the Selkath down there went crazy... and when I blew up the harvestor, he calmed down. No, I did not kill their precious sharky-warky. So they let me go.

I didn't bother looking for any children. I just left that damn planet. Before I was arrested again.

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Manaan, day 22 [ ]
[ mood | tired ]

Well... here we are. BACK on Manaan. And I was right. It reeks like fish. Not sure whether that's the Selkath or the Sith. At any rate, I'm just happy to be off that damned ship. Mission won't stop gabbing in my ear, she's like a pest. Her and that damned wookie. It's like a crappy comedy sketch. Juhani's all angsty all the time... I know she wants me to pay attention to her, but I'm not going to feed into her sad sorry life... Then there's that damned droid, HK-47... he'd kill us all in a heartbeat. I hear him walk by the bunks at night when I'm asleep... I could swear he pauses at my door. He says he won't hurt me... don't believe him. I trust Canderous more, and that's not saying much. Ugh, why did I get the annoying commrades? Mopey and weak Jedi, evil droids, little girls with wookie fetishes... AND Carth.

Remember the Jedi Code. There is no emotion. There is no emotion. There is no emotion. There is peace.

Okay. Peace. My party members are wonderful, I need them.


What was I saying? Oh, Manaan. We've wandered around here and talked to the Republic Embassy. Once AGAIN, I have to sneak my way into some Sith base and recover something there. Haven't I done this before? The guy says if I do this for him, he'll let me go to the underwater lab to search for the Star Map. Why do I get the feeling it's NOT going to be THAT easy. First I'll have a drink at the bar.

Back at the Hawk... some slimey Sith tottally hit on me at the bar, but this time, Onasty, erm, Onasi didn't defend my honor. Some Selkath told me how the children were disappearing too. I don't have time for that. They're just children. Who needs them?
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Hyperspace, day 21 [ ]
Do you ever get the feeling you're someone you're not?
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Kashyyyk, day 21 [ ]
We've been here for like 20 minutes and I can't stand the smell of this planet already... it smells like wet wookies. Ugh.

Carth's getting all sentimental on me. It's a little weird. He's always looking at me and today he told me that he wouldn't let anything hurt me, that this was his second chance... so... he's comparing me to his wife again. He told me that taking care of me is more important to him than his revenge on Saul. Why do I not believe him?

Found out that Zaalbar has a tormented family past just like everyone else in this damned party. Does anyone come from a happy home around here? Seriously. Well, because I'm nice, when we get there, I'll do my best to get him accepted back into his village or whatever. You know, I've never seen a female wookie... and do I want to?

I couldn't take it. I couldn't stand that damned planet. The smell was too much. We had to leave. So we're on our way to Manaan right now. Hopefully it won't reek like fish.
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Korriban, day 20 [ ]
The Sith are f'ed up, man. I successfully worked my way through all the tombs and got lots of cool artifacts (after fighting crazed hermits, freaking impossible droids with sensetive hearing, and having deep and meaningful conversations with the dead), won the trust of the academy head and then PROCEEDED TO SCHOOL HIM! There's nothing like whooping some evil ass, that's for sure. I found the Star Map in the tomb where I fought ol' what's-his-face and that other chick. I got to keep a lot of the crap I found, which is sweet. Some old swords and stuff. We also found a datapad that explained how the Sith killed Dustil's friend, so we brought that to him and he decided he'd stay behind and try to get as many of his commrades out of there as he could, then go back to Telos. Carth is happy. Finally, he has some resolve (and maybe he won't bitch so much now... ).

Well, we're headed to Kashyyyk now. Hopefully we'll be done with all of this soon. I bet this planet smells like matted fur.
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Korriban, day 19 [ ]
Well, I've joined the Sith academy. It's the only way to get to the tomb to find the map. We met Dustil. He's a bitch, just like his dad. But the kid is brainwashed, so we have to help him. I've already convinced a handful of Sith students to leave, to join the Jedi. We've got to find proof that the Sith are evil and Dustil will consider listening to his father. Has he looked around here... seriously. The whole place is evil. I'm not sure which part about killing and torturing captives you can miss as evil. Maybe it's just me.

For Carth's sake, I'll try to take care of this first.

I totally told this awesome joke to the Sith today. Even Canderous liked it. But of course, Carth groaned, which is his way of saying "You are stupid and I DON'T TRUST YOU." Well, if Canderous liked it, then it was a good joke.
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Hyperspace, day 18 [ ]
Well, we left Tatooine, never found Griff. Maybe we'll go back. Also, we took that little stowaway back to Dantooine, some Twi'lek was awfully happy to see her. Maybe too happy? I don't want to know... don't ask, don't tell.

But now we're in the middle of looking for more family. "Operation: Score" has been put on hold because I just found out Carth had a wife and son, who he thought were both dead. I feel bad for the guy. Sounded like he really loved his wife a lot... and then he compared her to me. It's not usually a good sign when men start comparing you to their dead wives. Next thing you know, he'll have me trying on her clothes and calling all the cute names she had for him. Not part of "Operation: Score." I'm not ready for that sort of baggage. He seemed really relieved and happy to talk about it, though.

But when we landed briefly on the water planet of Manaan, he found out from an old buddy we met that his son, Dustil, is still alive and apparently at the Sith academy. Because I like the guy and because I know that he won't be able to function until he finds Dustil, we're now on our way to Korriban to find him. I have a feeling this could go bad if we're not careful. Carth better appreciate that I'm putting our mission on hold to find his kid... Bastila's under the impression we're only going to find the Star Map. Haven't told her about Dustil.

Not going to. Not after she told me she looks up to and respects me. I think she's warming up to me. She's not so bad anymore. I think I like her.
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Tatooine, day 17 [ ]
[ mood | bewildered ]

I am SO confused.

Carth apologized to me today. After we killed that dragon, saw the map, then killed Calo Nord, he stopped and apologized to me. He was... NICE to me. Then called me partner. I wonder how long this is going to last? I give it... two days. Tops.

Bastila is still a bitch. She met her mom, who she hadn't seen in years and was incredibly rude. Sheesh. I'm NEVER having kids. Not if they turn out like Bastila. And apparently, Mission's brother is around here somewhere. I promised we wouldn't leave til we found him. That's okay, that gives me time to do some swoop races. We'll be here another day.

Did I mention that Carth apologized? Perhaps this is a good sign for "Operation: Score."

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Tatooine, day 16 [ ]
Fucking Gizkas! Some punk delivered a box full of these things and dumped 'em, so now they're jumping around! No sooner had I gotten off my ship than BAM. Gizka fever. They're not bad, really, they're just everywhere. And NO ONE on the ship will help me out with them. I'm trying to get them wrangled up, but my party won't help me! Bastila tells me that she knows I can figure it out on my own, Carth just says something to the effect of "Can't help you there.... I DON'T TRUST YOU!!!!", Mission and Zalbaar are just plain lazy... I don't dare ask Canderous, he'd shoot them all and they're kinda cute.

Can I just take a moment to ask WHY exactly Canderous is still hanging around with us? I can't imagine he's interested in our mission. Or is he? Meh, who knows, he's a farking bounty hunter. As long as he gets to shoot stuff, he seems happy. I'm pretty sure I caught him looking at my ass the other night, though.

If Gizkas weren't enough, we've got a stowaway, too. I tried to speak to her, but she only speaks unintelligible Mandelorian. I won't ask Canderous to help with her either. She must have gotten aboard at Dantooine, so we'll have to go back there. Great. Kids and pets. Just the sort of thing you want on an interstellar ship.

On another topic, Tatooine is a hole. So far, what we've found out is that we've got to talk to the Sand People to find out where the map to the Star Forge is. They, apparently, know these sort of things. I've also got to buy this droid that can speak Sand People talk. I don't have enough credits, so I think I'll enter a few swoop races. It's run a by a Hut, so you know it's gotta be fixed. Maybe I can make the operation a little more honest. I can't stand the Huts, but I like them better than the Sith.

Well, I nearly got taken out by Sith today. And Sand People. And monsters in the desert. And I nearly died on the swoop race track. But, a lot of things got accomplished. I got enough credits, got that droid (who is pure evil, by the way... seems to like me well enough, though... wonder why that is... ), snuck my way into the Sand People's enclave, brought them back some vaporators, freed some Jawas, turned a bad hunter good... Oy.

Here's the best part of the day. So, I'm in the hunter's headquarters and this slimeball named Tanis starts hitting on me real sleazy like when all of the sudden, out of nowhere, Carth starts yelling, demanding Tanis give me respect... I'm so confused. Carth has one emotion: angry. But he sure uses it in different ways. One minute, he's undermining me, insulting me... and the next, defending my honor. This guy needs some help.


Anyway, tomorrow, we're planning on finding that dragon's cave where the map is supposedly. I don't know how we're going to pull this off. It'll be a freaking miracle.

And one last thing. After the Sand People took their robes back, we were all walking around in our undergarments. Why is everyone dressed like they're abut ready to swim some laps? I don't even see any water on this damned planet. Seriously. And why does everyone in my party stand with one hip jutted out? Is there something wrong with our water supply on the Ebon Hawk? I'll have to have the droids look into that later on.
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Dantooine, day 15 [ ]
[ mood | tired ]

Man. After having more visions about Bastila (why am I having visions of her... why can't I be having better visions... like ones that involve a certain dashing but awfully bitchy hotshot pilot), the Council has sent us out to the temple on the outskirts of the plains. They sent some poor schmo Jedi out there, but he hasn't come back. So now we get to go. But it leads me to wonder, how has the Jedi Council been on this planet for this long and not sensed anything powerful coming out of that place? Is everyone in this star system just slow? Whatever.

Holy banthas. Talk about ancient crap. So what did we find in that temple that NO ONE ever explored? This freaking map to find this ultimate weapon the Star Forge, or something. I don't have a clue what it is. Neither does the Council. Man, they are of NO help at all. But you should have seen Carth on the way back. He just about threw a temper tantrum. No, he
did throw a temper tantrum. He got all snippy about how no one told him anything about what was going on. So I told him about me and Bastila and what the Council wanted us to do and he got EVEN angrier. He doesn't like me, I'm sure of it. I don't know what I ever did to the jerk. UGH.

Anyway, after boosting my lightsabers with those crystals I found in the cave and ridding the planet of the Mandelorian problem, we've decided it's time to hit the next planet. I think we'll go to Tatooine (on another note, how many "y"s does Kashyyyk need in its name?). Seems like a nice place. Nothing my commrades can't handle. Three Jedis, one wookie, one Mandelorian, one Twi'lek and one droid? It's like a freaking variety show!
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Dantooine, day 14 [ ]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm a Jedi now! Well, just a padawan learner. But that's better than being an apprentice. I'm a consular, so I have a green light saber and I make everyone talk out their problems. And just to think, two weeks ago, I was bunkmates with some guy, Trask, who I didn't even know as a lowly Republic soldier. Hm, I wonder what happened to that guy... last time I saw him, he was taking on a Sith one-on-one on the Endar Spire before it blew up... oh well, I'm sure he's fine.

Carth has been in a better mood since we left Tarsis. In fact, he hasn't bitched at me since we rescued Bastila.
In fact, he bitched at Bastila after we rescued her. It was nice to have his misdirected anger misdirected at someone else for a change. I told him to leave her alone when he found out she lost her lightsaber, but I was supressing a laugh while doing so. She can be such an arrogant bitch. And now I'm stuck with her because we have some sort of "bond." Well, I don't really want to explore this "bond," and if we're sharing dreams, then I hope she didn't see the one last night that included me, Carth and Zaalbar. The last thing I need anyone to know is that I'm having erotic dreams about wookies.

This planet is nice enough. Aside from all the fucking kath hounds, backstabbing plainsmen, armed Mandelorians and dark Jedi. Yeah, it's pretty nice. But why does everyone in this galaxy seem to have the same face and voice? Maybe I've been tapping into Davik's supply of whiskey I found on the Ebon Hawk too much... and the council thought I'd make a good Jedi?

I'm going to go make eyes at Carth now. He's actually fairly handsome when bitchalogue isn't coming out of his face... and he's good with his blaster. Eh. Eh. Eh? For almost 40, he looks pretty damned good. Or is that the fact that I haven't had any action since I agreed to join the damned Republic army talking?

I think I need more whiskey.

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Dantooine, day 6 [ ]
Well, here we are on Dantooine. The Council hasn't been much help, really, but they want me to train as a Jedi. They think my visions might have something to do with Darth Malak and Revan and how they got all this power to slaughter the Republic. So, I'm in Jedi training. Yup, as of today, your buddy, the smuggler of spices Visper Denolo is training to become a Jedi.

Let me reitterate that.

I'm training to become a Jedi.

Naturally, Carth thinks this is some sort of big joke. He doesn't know WHY I'm training (we haven't told him about the whole Malak/Revan thing yet). But he's keeping his mouth shut. Good for him. I'm just going to train and finish all these little tasks they give me. Then maybe we can figure out what the hell is going on.
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Hyperspace, day 5 [ ]
Well, that went... well enough, I suppose. We got into Davik's base and after he left, we made a a break for the hanger. He's a pretty smart guy, though. He and his lackey, Calo Nord, another hot shot bounty hunter, found us at the hanger and nearly killed us. Luckily, the Sith started attacking the planet at that time. Did I say "luckily" ? I meant, "sadly." I hope those undercity chumps are okay, though. Hope they found their magic kingdom or whatever. Well, with the attack, Davik got creamed and Calo was burried under some rubble. Sheesh, I hope he's dead too.

We're on the Ebon Hawk now, making our way to Dantooine. Bastila wants to talk to the Jedi Council about these visions I've been having. Did I mention I've been having visions? Apparently, she's having them too. She says I'm strong with the force. Okay, lady, whatever. I'm strong with my long sword, that's all I know.

Carth's in a better mood. Or is that just because Canderous is on board now and things have been put into perspective? Man, Canderous LOVES to talk about his war days. I just have to mention something little and he goes off about all these battles he's been in and all these people he's killed. Yeah, I'm impressed, dude. Wonder if he'd sleep with me...
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Tarsis, day 4 [ ]

We saved Bastila. She's a bitch. I won the swoop race and had to fight some stupid battle with the Vulkar leader and she gets freed and helps me and then is all like "You didn't save me, I saved you."

Whatever. Miss high-and-might-Jedi. Sit and twist.

Well, know that we have Her Majesty, we need to find a way off this dump. We don't have a ship, nor do we have a way to get past the Sith's weaponry. Carth looks like he's about ready to throw me into the sea. Like he could have found Bastila on his own or something. Jerk.

Tonight was interesting. I got a message from that Mandelorian bounty hunter, Canderous, to meet him in the cantina in the lowercity. So we went down there. He said he'd help us get off the planet if we get the launch codes from the Sith base. At his suggestion, we went up to the droid shop and bought the droid the shopkeeper was building for Davik, the big bounty hunter guy. So, we take the droid to the Sith base and break in. After running around without a clue and killing a crapload of Sith and droids, we find the Sith governor. He wasn't easy. But we nailed him and got the launch codes. Well, we took them back to Canderous and he's going to take us to Davik.

If we can convince Davik to let me work for him, then while he's doing checks on my background, we can sneak to the hanger and steal his ship, the Ebon Hawk. Theoretically, it sounds good. I don't know how well it will work. That's something to think about tomorrow, though.
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[ ]
I sure hope Trask is okay.
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Tarsis, day 3 [ ]
[ mood | tired ]

WOW. How about that crap? Well, we went to the undercity, which is full, well, WAS, full of weirdos (thanks to my help, they set off for some magical kingdom, or something... good for them). We ended up running through the sewers... found Mission quickly, but Zalbaar had been taken captive. So we had to go find and save him (he was so pleased that he swore a Wookie life debt to me. Now I've got a Wookie with me everywhere I go. Neat). After that, we snuck into the Vulkar base, and by sneak, I mean kill lots of gang members. We eventually got our hands on the prototype accelerator and headed back to the lowercity.

I feel pretty good about myself because in the meantime, I found that Rakghoul serum, took up to the medic, then brought it back down to the undercity people so they could cure their freakish--I mean, help their infected citizens. Yay me!

So, we brought the accelerator back to Gadon and they're getting the swoop bike ready. Tomorrow's the big race. Tomorrow, we find Bastila. I hope she's okay.

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Tarsis, day 2 [ ]
The hidden Bek base is not very hidden. I was walking along in the lower city when I found a woman standing at a door. She announced I wasn't allowed in the hidden Bek base. Umm... okay. But I persuaded her and we went to talk to Gadon. He told us Bastila is being held prisoner as a prize for the big upcoming swoop race. Wow, what a Jedi. So, he'll sponsor us in the race so we can win/free her. The problem is that this fancy prototype accelerator was stolen by the stupid opposing gang, the Vulkars.


So now we've got to find this girl and her wookie, Mission and Zaalbar... we met them briefly in the cantina earlier. Can't miss a wookie and a Twi'lek. We got some security papers, so I gave Gadon my Sith armor and we're getting ready for the trek to the undercity. Apparently, this is where those nasty Rakghouls live. If I find some sort of serum, I'm supposed to take it up to the medic in the Upper City. He's keeping a bunch of injured Republic soldiers safe and comfortable til they die there, away from being tortured by the Sith, so I'll help him out.

Alright, time to stock up and go to the undercity. I wish Carth would stop staring at me. I think that he's afraid that if he stops looking at me, I'll betray him or something. It's funny to watch him sometimes, though, because he's got these shifty eyes that move back and forth constantly. Sheesh. Relax.
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Tarsis, day 1 (continued) [ ]
[ mood | weird ]

Okay, so today has been slightly stressful. This planet is fucked up. Xenophobia and racism at its finest. Couldn't we have crashed on a planet full of beautiful men ready with plates of cookies? No, instead we got a intolerant planet full of bounty hunters, huts, and the kind of segregation I haven't seen since I visited Odess IV (don't mind if I never ever go back there). Well at least here, I won't have to worry about having my hands chopped off and fed to me (I won't agree to play a game until I know the rules now).

Apparently EVERYONE has a bounty out on their head on this damned planet...

Anyway. The Sith guards aren't very smart. They were remarkably easy to kill to get their armor. The funny thing is that when Carth and I tried to go to the lower city, the guard wouldn't let us because we didn't have the right papers. Papers schmapers. I put on a Sith guard uniform and walked right into the elevator, but apparently the guard didn't remember Carth's face from before because he let him in the elevator with me, even though he wasn't wearing any Sith armor. See, not the brightest at all.

OH! How am I forgetting THIS? I'm minding my own business, trying to get from point A to point B and all of the sudden, Carth opens his big tormented gob and in the process of asking me some questions, he calls me "beautiful." Carth totally hit on me! What the gort?! I played along with the big idiot because I was so amused. He puffed up like a zackert, pleased as punch, though, when I called him handsome and he started blabbing on about how he was a great space pilot, blah blah blah blah.

"Hi, I'm Carth. Bitch bitch bitch bitch blah blah blah blah blah mistrust mistrust mistrust mistrust. Blah. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT! MAYBE YOU'RE EVIL!"

That's usually how it goes when I talk to the jerk. So... I'm confused.

ANYWAY, we're heading toward the hidden Bek base later. We got a tip from that alien who we saved from the Sith guards that the leader of his gang, Gadon, may be able to help us.

I sure as hell hope so.

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Tarsis, day 1 [ ]
[ mood | irritated ]

Funny how things change so quickly, isn't it? I mean, not too long ago, I was smuggling spices along traderoutes and exploring new routes for hyperspace and then all of the sudden, I'm in the Republic's army aboard the Endar Spire. And that was going well, pretty boring, but they wanted me pretty badly. I suspect it has something to do with reknowned trade skills... Heh.

But what happens? I'm minding my own business, sleeping off too many drinks and the damned Sith attack us. I never liked those guys. Not one to take sides, but they're nasty. So here I am, running around the Spire with my bunkmate Trask (never really got to know the guy), trying not to get killed by Sith soldiers and nearly escape in a pod with my whole being intact. On top of that, I'm trapped on this planet Tarsis with no way off. FURTHERMORE, I'm stuck with Carth. Carth Onasi. Mr. Mandelorian War Hero. Man, this guy is a pain in my ass. He doesn't trust me a damn bit, so how the hell are we supposed to save Bastila, who's only god-knows-where on this forsaken rock?

I've never met this Bastila, but she's a Jedi and once we find her, I hope she kicks some ass.

I think the time and date on my datapad is wrong. I'm going to have to find someone to fix that. Well, I will jut have to remember to not trust the funny date or times on these entries.

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