Visper Denolo (padawanvisper) wrote,
Visper Denolo

Kashyyyk, day 21

We've been here for like 20 minutes and I can't stand the smell of this planet already... it smells like wet wookies. Ugh.

Carth's getting all sentimental on me. It's a little weird. He's always looking at me and today he told me that he wouldn't let anything hurt me, that this was his second chance... so... he's comparing me to his wife again. He told me that taking care of me is more important to him than his revenge on Saul. Why do I not believe him?

Found out that Zaalbar has a tormented family past just like everyone else in this damned party. Does anyone come from a happy home around here? Seriously. Well, because I'm nice, when we get there, I'll do my best to get him accepted back into his village or whatever. You know, I've never seen a female wookie... and do I want to?

I couldn't take it. I couldn't stand that damned planet. The smell was too much. We had to leave. So we're on our way to Manaan right now. Hopefully it won't reek like fish.
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