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Manaan, day 22

Well... here we are. BACK on Manaan. And I was right. It reeks like fish. Not sure whether that's the Selkath or the Sith. At any rate, I'm just happy to be off that damned ship. Mission won't stop gabbing in my ear, she's like a pest. Her and that damned wookie. It's like a crappy comedy sketch. Juhani's all angsty all the time... I know she wants me to pay attention to her, but I'm not going to feed into her sad sorry life... Then there's that damned droid, HK-47... he'd kill us all in a heartbeat. I hear him walk by the bunks at night when I'm asleep... I could swear he pauses at my door. He says he won't hurt me... don't believe him. I trust Canderous more, and that's not saying much. Ugh, why did I get the annoying commrades? Mopey and weak Jedi, evil droids, little girls with wookie fetishes... AND Carth.

Remember the Jedi Code. There is no emotion. There is no emotion. There is no emotion. There is peace.

Okay. Peace. My party members are wonderful, I need them.


What was I saying? Oh, Manaan. We've wandered around here and talked to the Republic Embassy. Once AGAIN, I have to sneak my way into some Sith base and recover something there. Haven't I done this before? The guy says if I do this for him, he'll let me go to the underwater lab to search for the Star Map. Why do I get the feeling it's NOT going to be THAT easy. First I'll have a drink at the bar.

Back at the Hawk... some slimey Sith tottally hit on me at the bar, but this time, Onasty, erm, Onasi didn't defend my honor. Some Selkath told me how the children were disappearing too. I don't have time for that. They're just children. Who needs them?
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