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Hyperspace, day 30

A LOT has happened recently, so I have to do some heavy backjournaling here. Where did I last leave off... Manaan? Sure, back on Manaan, the one time Carth didn't think he was smooth by trying to defend my honor... What ended up happening was this:

We snuck our way into the Sith base and by "snuck," I mean "take passcards, decrypt them, use them to walk through security, have security inside freak out and open fire on us." This time, there were no insane droids or Sith governors to kill, so we grabbed the thing, that capsule dojobby and bolted. Of course, IT WOULDN'T be that easy. Those neutral pansies, the Selkath, came rushing after be and arrested me and put me on trial! I don't even want to go into how horrible my arbiter was... Needless to say, I talked my way out of it and returned to the Republic embassy with their precious data module.

Finally, we had access to the underground "ultra secret" lab that they've been using to mine Kolto... sneaky bastards. It was like a freaking horror story down there. All the Selkath had gone insane and tried to bite our fingers off. All in all, none of this really matters. To sum it up, I walked around in a heavy ass suit at the bottom of the ocean, which took FOREVER, killed a bunch of sharks (alone, mind you... the rest of my party are a bunch of babies), blew up some machinery and found the Star Map. Hooray! Everyone is happy! Except for all those Selkath I slaughtered...

Upon returning to the surface, I was arrested YET AGAIN by the Selkath authorites and put on trial... AGAIN. They seemed happy enough to hear that their giant firaxan shark was more than a myth. This big bugger was the reason the Selkath down there went crazy... and when I blew up the harvestor, he calmed down. No, I did not kill their precious sharky-warky. So they let me go.

I didn't bother looking for any children. I just left that damn planet. Before I was arrested again.
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